We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer

Are you our new CTO?

Can you see yourself as a leader for large, specialized solutions among Norwegian and international customers? Can you lead an adult team to constantly innovate, and continuously develop both themselves and customers' needs? We are looking for a CTO for our development department. Are you the one?

A part of the team

Novicell is a full-service Digital Agency. We are about 14 people in our Oslo office, and you will also have over 300 great colleagues across 9 offices in 7 countries. Our offices are in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Aarhus (Denmark), Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. 

Your profile

You should, among other things:

  • Be able to familiarize yourself with the customer's business and their needs
  • Use the knowledge you already have, and will gain, to create value for the customer through various solutions
  • Be a sparring partner for both the developers in the team, as well as our customers when they need it
  • Have extensive experience with C #, NET Core and Message Queues
  • Have knowledge and experience with Elastic Search, Redis and SQL

Salary & Benefits




We are located in a modern, open office landscape at Bryn, Oslo, where you will spend your working days with good and diligent colleagues, but we do not rule out a hybrid solution, precisely to ensure that our employees are happy and productive.


  • Relocation package
  • The Norwegian way of living
  • Good insurance and pension agreements
  • Possibility of parking
  • "Study abroad" trips to Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, or Sweden
  • Annual Kick-Off in Denmark with all employees in Novicell
  • Office with free fruit, snacks, coffee, cola zero, beer and more
  • Good lunch arrangement
  • Excellent training and CPD opportunities
  • Opportunity to work with the latest in technology with big, well-known brands

The role suits you if:

  • You have in-depth experience with web development, and the HTTP protocol is your friend
  • You have many years of experience as a backend developer
  • You have the sense for full stack development
  • You are used to dealing with customers and solving challenges
  • You have practical experience with software architectural concepts such as SOLID and DI
  • You have knowledge of front-end development (we use VUE.js)
  • You have knowledge of basic technical SEO
  • You have written an HTTP request via telnet
  • You speak fluent English

We need

  • One that can understand our customers, their needs and at the same time turn the needs into concrete solutions that support their business, everything they are and stand for.
  • An experienced developer, who can both teach others, while learning from your team. You are confident in the solutions you propose and dare to think outside the box to create good solutions, which in turn create value for our customers.
  • One who wants to be part of a leading, international tech environment where an important part of the position will also be to convey trends, methodology, new technology and best practice to the team in Norway.
  • One who is safe and comfortable communicating in English.
  • The threshold for getting help across our international offices is low. For Novicell, it is important to have good cooperation across all countries and offices.
  • One who handles responsibility in a good way, as you will get a lot of it.

Practical information

  • Application deadline: as soon as we find the right candidate.
  • Start date: as soon as you're able to do so.

Please click on the button below to apply by sending a cover letter and CV.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our CEOLars on lsk@novicell.no

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Novicell - Flink & Flittig

Novicell started in Denmark, and we have kept some of the best ideals from the Danish culture. In Denmark, "Flink & Flittig" means to be kind and diligent. We are kind and considerate. We treat each other properly and provide a high level of service to our customers. It should always be fun to go to work, and we regularly conduct a variety of professional and social activities. 

You will experience: 

  • An unpretentious organisation with significant personal degrees of freedom
  • A creative and inspiring environment with the ability to influence the company's development
  • The possibility to work away at our offices in Spain and Denmark
  • The opportunity to participate in fun recreational activities
  • An active social community
  • Flexible working hours

Social activities

We often gather for pleasant gatherings, whether it is Golf courses, Curling, a Fifa match or a walk in the woods. In addition, we go every year, with all employees from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, England and Norway to our kick-off event in Aarhus.

We do not like to be bored

There are always colleagues who are ready for a small break during working hours, such as a FIFA match, board game or a coffee chat in the duffel bag. 

Work away

You get the chance to work closely with our European offices, and be part of an international work environment with pleasant colleagues across national borders. We often travel to and work from our various offices.


We start the week with a joint Monday meeting, and we eat lunch together every day. In addition, we host social events every now and then. At work, you can shape your own workday and you get freedom to express yourself creatively.

Working at Novicell

As a company, Novicell likes to ensure that their employees have a fun time. Employees are encouraged to engage in social activities together, both during and after working hours or travel to the other offices. Having a pleasant experience at work is paramount. People are driven to be creative and try new things. Novicell believes it is better to try something and fail than to not try at all.

Novicell as a workplace



Novicell kick-off

Every year, all employees from Denmark, Spain, UK, Holland, Sweden and Norway unite at our annual kick-off event. Here's a video from our Kick-off 2018:

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to me!